• Vitajte v Domove sociálnych služieb Borský Svätý Jur
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Basic information

• DSS for adults in Borsky Svätý Jur is a year-round local authority facility that provides comprehensive physical and mental healthcare services for 50 female social service recipients with psychiatric and mental health disabilities and a combination of sensory physical disabilities.     

• We provide standard services such as accommodation, catering, cleaning, washing, ironing and maintenance of linen, clothing and personal equipment, nursing care, assistance for those reliant upon third-party assistance, social counselling and rehabilitation, as well as manual skills development to assist and encourage greater access to personal leisure activities. Social services are flexible, up-to-date, individually compatible with community-based services - oriented to social service recipients.     

• Our aim is to provide our recipients with a second home. Visits from family and friends are welcomed at any time.     

• The services provided are governed by quality control legislation for social services. Law #448/2008. 

• DSS in Borsky Svätý Jur is a local authority funded organization within the Trnava county.